Workplace Stress

Workplace stress is far too common nowadays, and too much stress in your life is not good for you as it can cause stress-related illnesses e.g. diabetes, irritable bowel, migraine, back and neck pain, high blood pressure, heart disease/strokes, mental ill-health – depression, anxiety & stress. 

Time to change Your Job?

Stress can be caused by the pressures of our busy lives. If we know what is causing the stress it can be easier to address the problems. Sometimes workplace stress can easily be overcome by simply changing your job.

• Work-related – Work overload, unemployment or retirement.
• Health – Chronic pain, terminal illness or injury.
• Family – Divorce, family feuds, or a bereavement
• Financial Problems – Debt, gambling, or borrowing money.

Different people react differently to stress but most people will experience stress at some time in their life, whether it is in the workplace or at home.

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No one stress test can give you a complete diagnosis and this test is just to give you an overview. Please see a stress management consultant for a more in-depth analysis.

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APPS to help with our mental wellbeing are becoming more popular. There are many APPS available and Moodfit is one that scores highly in reviews.

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