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Do You Take Your Career Seriously?

If you take your career seriously you definitely need a CV Writer. It is funny how you would invest in a new expensive suit for the interview or briefcase but the most important element your CV you write without the help or advice of a professional CV Writer. As most applicants are too modest their CVs often fall short of portraying them in their best light.

Example CV

Personal Details: In the UK and the US, consists of Name, Email and Address

Summary/Personal Statement: This needs to catch their attention.  State your job title and any relevant qualifications and years of experience you have.  What areas of expertise do you have that might be relevant to the same industry. List the transferable skills relevant to the job description, highlighting the skills that would bring value to the company.

Skills Section: List ALL relevant skills soft and hard

Career Highlights: List any highlights in your career. When you take the time to think about this section you might surprise yourself.

Employment History: List the name of your previous employer in chronological order giving a brief description of the company you worked for and the job role/responsibilities. You can also list any achievements in this section or just leave them blank.

Earlier Career: So that you do not have to list every employer we suggest you go back 10 years and then list all subsequent employers in the “earlier Career” section.

Education:  List any educational qualifications. It is best to keep educational qualifications separate from the Professional Qualifications/Training section.

Professional Qualifications/Training: List any qualifications however minor as they might be relevant.

Recommendations: This is where you can ask a colleague to write a recommendation for you

CV Format Used by UK CV Writer

CV Example

Job competition

Competition for jobs nowadays is really fierce and your CV cannot just be adequate, it needs to jump off the page compelling the recruiter to call you and say, “can you come in for an interview tomorrow?” However, for your CV to even get to the recruiter it has to get past the dreaded Applicant Tracking System (ATS robots.)

Most large companies use ATS software as this software weeds out all the applicants who do not have the right skills and keywords. For example, if the job description you are seeking states in the skills section “communication and interpersonal skills” you should think about adding this to your skills section. That is why tailoring your CV to each job you apply for is vital.

Keep the format simple as the correct format is also important to the ATS as it reads from left to right. Keep columns OUT apart from the skills section.

Compelling Text

Our process is easy (for you) and you will have a CV to be proud of, one that you cannot wait to send out to prospective employers. We also love to be kept updated on your career progress and will contact you for updates.

Above is our CV Example, a tried and tested format aimed at beating the ATS. For the content, our CV Writers sift out the important, relevant information from your CV. 

Example Text

For example, a CV may be sent in with (A Text) and UK CV Writers expand and develop the text. (B Text)


(A) Able to plan lessons, keeping the school guidelines.

(B) Highly competent in planning a wide range of stimulating lessons, within the school curriculum guidelines whilst considering individual needs.

 Scrum Master

(A) Experience gained over years in various job roles.

(B) A visionary of continuous improvement methodologies assimilated over years in various job roles and sectors.