Professional CV Writer

By structuring and tailoring your CV, a Professional CV Writer gives you the advantage over your competitors. An in-depth analysis uncovers your strengths and gets you noticed by recruiters.

Why Use A Professional CV Writer to Design & Create your CV

One of our Consultants will have a phone consultation with you. This will be an in-depth analysis to uncover your strengths, skills,  abilities, successes and contributions.

Keywords represent the soft skills and hard skills you possess and the expertise you’ve acquired in your working lifetime that qualify you for your target job.

Unfortunately if your CV  is not written and formatted with the applicant tracking system in mind, even the best candidate can easily be passed over. 

A Cover Letter is a personal introduction. It should be specific and to the point but at the same time explain why you are the perfect candidate for the position. 

All the consultants employed by  UK CV Writers are passionate about  helping people reach their full potential. If you are not completely happy we will refund the full amount.

A Professionally written LinkedIn profile highlights & emphasizes your experience, qualifications and voluntary activities. It can help you find a job quicker because 93% of all recruiters use LinkedIn

Why You Really Need To Use A CV Writer

Recruiters Never See 75% of all CVs

Applicant tracking system

Recruiters never see 75% of all CVs due to Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS.) This means they are never even seen by a human  The ATS  scans, classifies, and ranks the CVs. It read the keywords and then rejects the “least-qualified” applicants based on format, content/keywords.  The job description will have keywords that the ATS will be looking for. If the CV does not match with the job description the ATS will just reject the CV. 

This statistic  shows how vital it is to use a professional CV writer to structure and write your curriculum vitae. A professional CV Writer is adept in making sure your document not only showcases your professional self, but also that it is ATS compatible. We have also learnt that the ATS prefers a word document to a PDF

There can be over 250 applicants for each job advertised.  Only 4 – 6 applicants will be called in for an interview. and obviously only one applicant will get the job.

Because only a small amount of people who apply for a job are actually called in for an interview we always advise you to apply for lots of jobs.  It is important to cast your nets wide as you do not know how good these other candidates may be. However the jobs must be a good fit and you can of course control the quality of your own CV and application.

If you feel you would like to write your own CV please follow this link for Governments’ Advice

Only 5 Applicants Out of Hundreds Reach the Interview Stage

People waiting for job interview

65% of Job Applicants Under Sell Themselves

Interview Advice

Our research shows that 65% of candidates are too modest on their CVs. This can be for a variety of reasons.

Lack of confidence in their abilities and attributing success to colleagues/managers

Not describing success and achievements well enough – too brief

Simply forgetting successful projects, especially if they have been in one job for a long period of time

Being reluctant to ‘show off’ / talk about themselves.

Remember that you are not only competing with those candidates without jobs. In fact, over 55% of current employees are keeping an eye out for better job opportunities, so you have them to compete with them as well. According to our survey more than 55% of the employed respondents said that they were “open opportunities” despite being in their current job.

This means the competition for jobs is fierce. These individuals will likely bring a good deal of experience to the table, so put yourself and your CV in front of as many employers as possible to give yourself the best shot at landing the job. Choose your CV

Over 55% People Are Considering Changing Jobs

Uploading CV

The CV Writing Process

Here at UK CV Writer, we have a tried and tested process to ensure the creation and production of high-quality CVs using qualified CV Writers that will uncover your strengths and show them off in the best possible way.

FREE Initial Review of Your CV

Ask your consultant if you qualify for a DISCOUNT CODE.

Following the initial review of your CV, free of charge, we will advise and confirm if we are able to add significant value. From this point, if you decide to engage with us our process is as follows:

  • Step 1
  • Step 2
  • Step 3
  • Step 4
  • Step 5
  • Step 6
  • Step 7

Introduction call with one of Personal Brand Consultants

 In depth call (up to 2 hours) to truly uncover your strengths, achievements and provide career focus for your CV – looking forward as well as backwards

Your Personal Brand Consultant will create and share with you a 1st Draft

1st Draft review call to make amendments

Sharing of the Final CV, fully editable, including options where appropriate

Your Personal Brand Consultant will provide you with a fully completed tailored template for you to upload into your LinkedIn profile.

Your personal Brand Consultant will provide you with a personalised Covering Letter supporting your career direction.

Our CV Writers are from all industries from IT to Education and are all highly skilled at getting the most out of individuals as without this raw material a CV will not perform well. At UK CV Writer we will work with the candidate until the candidate is happy with their CV.

The candidate has email and telephone access to their CV Writer throughout the whole process and we guarantee swift responses to queries and questions.

Searching for employment nowadays can be a hard task and getting to that all-important interview can seem impossible. We want to help you at the start of this process by giving you the advantage.

The initial telephone conversation is an essential element in assessing your strengths and taking an objective view. Most of our clients are far too modest on their CVs. Time must be taken over this procedure and if you feel rushed, then you have probably picked the wrong CV Writer. Our main task is to determine what is relevant and what is not relevant. It is especially important that these strengths/skills/experiences are listed in the right order of importance.

Your current CV might well be perfectly accurate, however picking out the most influential information for potential employers and then deciding how much detail to write is a beneficial skill. If however you feel you would like to write your own CV please click here for Governments’ advice

We can provide two formats for your CV, however ATS (applicant tracking systems) prefer word documents and so word documents are the format we recommend. However, we can also supply a PDF format which will be more “designer” style, for face to face interviews.


It is important to review and edit your CV for every job role to which you apply, to ensure you include the key words and phrases relating to the role. There are numerous key words related to each profession and sector.

It is our consultant’s job find out what makes you special and then write it in a style that reflects your character/personality. When the CV is written in a compelling and dynamic way, opportunities should open up. The whole cv writing process is designed to cut out unnecessary or irrelevant details and to get you noticed by employers so that they ultimately to choose you over the other applicants.

Our telephone conversation alone will probably be the best investment of time you have ever made!
A professional CV will cost, however we feel that the potential rewards will far outweigh the initial financial investment.

Professional CV Writer

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