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“UK CV WRITER” is the “Supplier” of Services. Our main business as far as these T&Cs are concerned is The CV & Interview Advisors.  

“UK CV WRITER” is the main “Supplier” of the Services and any sub-contractors, partners or additional suppliers involved in the delivery of said Services. Where the Terms & Conditions use the word “we”, this implies reference to “UK CV WRITER / the Supplier”.

“Services” are the services agreed between UK CV WRITER and the Customer and includes any personal branding, copywriting or career development services, including, but not exclusive to Interview Coaching, Career Coaching, CV / Resume Writing, LinkedIn Profile Writing, Executive Biography Writing, Cover Letter Writing, Supporting Statement Writing and any other Copywriting or Career Development services.

“Customer” is the individual or company who has purchased or received the Services. The Terms & Conditions may refer to the Customer as “you”.

“Personal Branding Collateral” is any written documentation, either physical or digital, provided to the Customer by UK CV WRITING. This includes, but is not exclusive to CVs, Resumes, LinkedIn Profile content, Cover Letters, Website Content, Supporting Statements and Executive Biographies.

“Content” refers to the information contained within the personal branding collateral. “Structure” and “Methodology” refer to the format of the personal branding collateral – for example, the way in which UK CV WRITER structures and writes a CV, including stylistic elements.

Terms & Conditions

• Upon agreeing the price and the Terms & Conditions, a binding contract exists between UK CV WRITER and the Customer. Please refer to the Refunds Policy below.
• Prices quoted are valid for one month from the date provided.
• UK CV WRITER cannot undertake to process your request or deliver within any timescales unless expressly agreed in writing. You shall not be capable of making time of the essence. If UK CV WRITER do agree a timescale with you in writing and fail to deliver, then you will only be entitled to a refund of any premiums paid as a sole remedy. UK CV WRITER will not be held liable for any losses directly or indirectly incurred as a result of failure to meet any timescales. We shall not be liable for any consequential or unforeseen losses incurred by you at any time for whatever reason even though you may have brought such matters to our attention.
• UK CV WRITER entire liability to you for any losses for any reason howsoever arising shall be limited to the amount of the fees paid.
• Your Personal Branding Collateral including a CV, Resume LinkedIn profile content, Executive Biography, Cover Letter or Supporting Statement, or any other personal branding collateral / documentation that we produce, either physical or digital, are based upon information that you supply. UK CV WRITER cannot accept responsibility for any false or inaccurate information supplied. It is ultimately you / the customer’s responsibility to ensure that all information contained within the documentation is accurate and correct.
• Any outstanding balance should be made within 24 hours of receiving the first draft of your personal branding collateral. Any amount outstanding beyond this period (unless prior agreed with CVIA Ltd) will be referred to our debt collection partners and will be subject to a surcharge of 20% plus Vat to cover the collection costs incurred. This surcharge together with all other charges and legal fees incurred will be the responsibility of the customer and will be legally enforceable.
• UK CV WRITER will continue to work on your personal branding collateral / documentation, at your request, free of charge for up to 14-days after delivery of the First Draft. We will make as many changes as are necessary to the Content during this period until you are totally satisfied and have accepted the Final Draft. UK CV WRITER will not make changes to the structure or methodology of the personal branding collateral. Should you wish to change any details after a) acceptance or b) expiry of the 14 day period, additional charges may be incurred at our discretion.
• If UK CV WRITER does not hear from you within 14 days of receiving the first draft, you will be deemed to have accepted the document as final. Any changes required after this period may incur an additional charge at our discretion.
• UK CV WRITER specialises in providing coaching and the writing of high-quality personal branding collateral / documentation such as CVs, Resumes, LinkedIn profiles, Cover Letters, Supporting Statements, Executive Biographies and other forms of written collateral, but we can in no way guarantee that the use of our services will result in an interview, job offer or business opportunity.
• We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time and without prior notice and your continued instructions shall be deemed acceptance of any changes.
• Prices are subject to change without notice although all written quotations will be honoured.
• UK CV WRITER are bound by GDPR / Data Protection laws and we are registered with the Information Commissioner. We ensure that all information is kept securely and in a confidential manner and in accordance with the Privacy Policy, a copy of which is available on our website. You consent to UK CV WRITER holding your personal data and using it for (a) the performance of any personal branding / copywriting / career development services either for itself or by its agents and subcontractors; (b) for our own internal business and sales and marketing purposes and © you consent to the transfer of your personal data to external agencies for the purposes of administering your account or ensuring payment of all monies owed to UK CV WRITER.
• This contract is written with the sole jurisdiction of English courts and according to English Law.
• These terms and conditions do not affect your statutory rights.

Refunds Policy

• In the event of cancellation prior to any work commencing, a full refund will be made, however UK CV WRITER reserves the right to charge an administrative fee of up to £25 + Vat to cover administrative costs and the distribution of intellectual property.
• If cancellation happens after one or more re-scheduling of a coaching session or fact-finding session, which has been instigated by the Customer, a refund will be provided, but UK CV WRITER reserves the right to charge an administrative fee of up to £75 + Vat to cover administrative costs, the distribution of intellectual property and time lost due to postponement of the session.
• In the unlikely event of cancellation during a coaching session or fact finding session, CVIA Ltd reserves the right to charge up to 50% of the total fee.
• On completion of any coaching or fact finding sessions, the delivery of your services will either be complete or will commence, should you cancel your order after this point, the charge will be discretionary up to and including full payment of the agreed price.

Customer Complaints Procedure

• UK CV WRITER are dedicated to providing you with high levels of customer service. If you are unhappy with any part of our service, please contact us immediately. Complaints are taken seriously, and we will ensure that the problem is resolved to the best of our ability