CV Cover Letter

CV Cover Letter

CV Cover Letter

Cover Letters can be hard work to write, so it’s tempting to look for reasons to simply not write them at all.


UK-CV-Writer strongly advocate writing a Cover Letter, and include one in your package.

Like the CV, once you have a clearly defined structure with lots of strong content it is possible to easily edit and tailor the letter to suit each opportunity.

The letter needs to be short and punchy, recruiters (and hiring managers) are all ‘time poor’, it is more important than ever to keep your cover letter short and to the point. Being precise is the only way you’ll get a recruiter and a hiring manager to read to the end

Cover Letters Do Still Matter?

The ultimate goal is to illustrate your suitability as a candidate,  and how you can bring value to the job role. The employer will be assessing if you are a good fit for the job? A well-written cover letter is an opportunity to emphasize your skills and strengths and show the reader that you are the perfect candidate for the job.

As long as certain members of the recruiting community consider this document relevant, it should be a priority and is a relatively small investment in time to separate you from the crowd to win that coveted job role.

By not writing a cover letter, you take away the opportunity to express all the things you cannot capture in your CV: who you are as a person, why you want this particular role, what you respect about the company, why you’re leaving your current position, etc.

These are the sort of details that could make or break your shot at the job, especially if you are being pitched against people with very similar credentials.

According to the “2017 Job Seeker Nation Study” 26% of recruiters still read a Cover letter. This fact alone means cover letters are still important.

Cover Letters

Make it short, punchy & precise